Our Mission

The mission of NC Sibs is to provide information, support, community, and a unified voice to advocate for other siblings and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in an effort to improve quality of life for the entire family, promote issues that are important to them, and create a more just world.

Who we are

Through a partnership with the National Sibling Leadership Network and funding from the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, First In Families of North Carolina has created a statewide network for adult siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities. NC Sibs is the first ever network of its kind in North Carolina. The purpose is to connect siblings with one another to provide support and information specific to the unique aspects of the adult sibling relationship.

Who can join

  • Siblings – The term sibling refers to people who have a sibling or sibling-like relationship with a person with an Intellectual/ Developmental disability and/or a Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Sib-in-laws – people who choose to date, partner with and/or marry someone who has a sibling with a disability.Siblings know that sib-in-laws are very important in our lives and often provide support to us individually as well as sometimes to our brothers and sisters with disabilities.
  • Once a sibling, always a sibling – We warmly welcome siblings whose brother or sister has passed away. These siblings retain their sibling perspective and are valuable to our group.